This my first post in the blog, it seems fair to share with you what this is all about.  Like the “about” section mentioned, I am interested in technology that helps, but I am pretty allergic to the hype that seems to go around it.  I start my career in technology when it seemed to me no one that was technically oriented could get rich doing what the enjoyed doing.  I started out working at companies that are described in “Soul of a New Machine”.  It was liberating because we built cool things and did not care how they were marketed – that was management.  When the tech hype really started in the 90s with the rise of the web, suddenly every little thing seemed to be able to make billions of dollars.  I lived through the 3G license mess, where operators paid millions and millions of dollars with no clue on how to make their money back on what (in the end) was a more efficient way to carry voice traffic on a radio.

So I plan to talk about things in and around technology that are interesting (to me).  Not slideware but actual tech that add value to the world IMHO. Maybe not perfectly, or even consistency, but honestly.

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